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Q : How do i order parts on Sparegateway?
Fill in online request form --> Submit --> Get quotes from suppliers --> Choose the best quote --> Accept --> Make Payment --> Part(s) delivered. Once you have submitted your request and received quotes, simply choose the one which is most suitable for you. For example, if the supplier has the exact part and is local to you and offers cash on collection then simply pick this and complete the order. Once the transaction is complete add feedback and close. If, however, you wish to pay online and want the item delivered then choose the quote which has these options.
Q : How quickly can i expect to start receiving quotes?
It depends on each supplier but you could expect to receive quotes within minutes after submitting your form. Some suppliers may phone you directly to get more information.
Q : How do I choose a supplier closest to me?
Once you receive the quote you will be able to compare the distance and you may choose the one closest to you for your own convenience.
Q : What guarantees do the suppliers offer on parts?
Most parts come with minimum of 30 days warranty but some may offer more. You will see the warranty information when you receive the quote from the supplier. You will be able to compare the prices and warranty.
Q : Can I cancel after accepting the quote?
Yes you can cancel after accepting the quote as long as you haven't made the payment. If payment was made then the supplier may charge for restocking the part.
Q : I ordered a part but it is faulty or not as described?
Our suppliers test all their parts before dispatching so you shouldn't receive a faulty part. In the event of receiveing the faulty or not as described part you must contact the supplier asap to arrange a return & refund.
Q : How many requests can i make?
You can make as many request as often as you want.
Q : Am I obliged to purchase if I make a request?
There is no obligation what so ever. Once you make a request, our member’s phone or send a quote for your consideration. You can proceed to purchase only when you feel satisfied. You can ask as many questions as you want by phoning, our trusted supplier(s) who's quoted, or make use of our built in messaging system. You can elect to complete the purchase whenever you are happy to do so.
Q : Will i be alerted on updates to my quote?
Yes, our system ensures that you are emailed each time there is a new quote, update or a message against your quote.
Q : The answer to my question is not within the FAQs, what should i do ?
You can submit your question to our support team via the "contact us" page. We will answer your query and update our FAQs.
Q : How long does it take to get a response to my part request?
Due to the nature of new and used spares, there are certain parts which almost all suppliers stock. In these cases you should get responses within a very short space of time. For more specilist items it can take longer. Our system does not automatically expire your request so you can wait a long as you need to get the right part.
Q : How many requests can I make?
You can post as many requests as you want (within the terms and conditions of the website). Whether you are a private buyer or require parts within the trade (car mot/repair/bodyshop) we cater for all sizes.
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